Wednesday 7 September 2022

1D Solar Atmosphere Models in IDL: Standard Solar Model (from "The Sun", by Stix)

Stix, in his book ("The Sun: An Introduction", Springer, 2002) in Sect.2.4 introduces a standard solar model from the core to the surface defined as $\tau = 2/3$. His Table 2.4 (on p.56) lists the values of various quantities of this model versus the column mass or the height. Check the book for the details of the model. The table in ascii format is here: stix_tab.2.4.txt The columns are: $m/m_\odot$, $r/r_\odot$, $p \mathrm[Pa]$, $T \mathrm[K]$, $\rho \mathrm[kg/m^3]$, $L/L_\odot$, $X$, $\mu$, $\Gamma_1$.

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