Monday 1 November 2010

Observational Signatures of the Simulated Solar Photosphere

My PhD thesis is titled "Observational Signatures of the Simulated Solar Photosphere". The very general titles as this one are rather common among the PhD theses defended at the Dutch universities. They reflect the praxis that a thesis is assembled from several papers / research projects that are not always on the same subject. My thesis contains 5 papers, the introduction, the summary (in English, Dutch and Serbo-Croatian) and the acknowledgments. The papers address the problems of the solar abundance of indium, of the formation of a activity-sensitive MnI line, of the horizontal supersonic shocks in the solar photosphere, and - in the final two chapters - problem of various diagnostics of the umbral dots. For more information, please check the thesis introduction.

The thesis in the pdf format can be downloaded from the University of Utrecht library service.

If you cite the thesis (parts that are not yet published as individual papers), please cite it as:
Vitas, N. 2011, PhD thesis, Sterrekundig Instituut Utrecht

The woodcut on the cover is from the graphic novel "The Sun" by Flemish artist Frans Masereel.