Books on my desk


Plasma Physics for Astrophysics, Kulsrud
Stellar Atmospheres and Interiors, Novotny
The observation and Analysis of Stellar Photospheres, Gray
Stellar Atmospheres, Mihalas
Foundations of Radiation Hydrodynamics, Mihalas & Mihalas
The Physics of Astrophysics: Radiation, Shu
Partially Ionized Gases, Mitchner and Krueger
The Radiative Transfer, Chandrasekhar
Quantum Mechanics, Schiff
The Physics of Fluid and Plasmas, Choudhuri
Radiation and Cloud Processes in Atmosphere, Liou
Polarization in Spectral Lines, Degl'Innocenti
The Sun, Stix
Numerical recipes in Fortran, Press et al
Fortran 95/2003 explained, Metcalf et al  


More books that I like to have within arms reach:
A Practical Guide to Splines, de Boor
Thermal Physics, Kittel and Kroemer

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