Friday 15 May 2015

1D Solar Models in IDL: Spruit's Convection Model

The semi-empirical models of the solar atmosphere rely on the observed intensities and, therefore, they cannot say much about the invisible convection zone below the surface. Spruit (1974SoPh...34..277S) constructed a 1D model of the solar convection zone using the mixing-length theory with 4 free parameters. The model is constructed so that it matches the HSRA model (Gingerich et al, 1971SoPh...18..347G) of the solar atmosphere. The model of Spruit is sometimes used to initiate the convection simulations with 3D numerical codes.

Fig 1. The HSRA model atmosphere (dashed) and Spruit's model of convective zone (solid). This is reproduced after Fig.3 of Spruit's paper.