Thursday 13 January 2011

PhD defense

I finally add this post almost two years after my PhD defense. I have no memory any more of any fear that I felt before the ceremony, but I do remember that day very well. A day of a great relief  that one big job is finally done.

At the defense. The committee (from left to right): Prof. Dr. A. Achterberg, Prof. Dr. A. de Koter, Prof. Dr. R. J. Rutten, Prof. Dr. H.Eijkelhof and Prof. Dr. C. U. Keller (Prof. Dr. R. Keppens and Prof. Dr. F. Verbunt are out of the image). One note: it is strictly forbidden to take pictures during the defense. This picture was taken by a guest who was late at the ceremony and has not heard the rules at its beginning. Anyway, I am very happy that it exists.

I was overjoyed (and I still am) that I shared the moment with my paranymphs - my wife Nadezda and my friend Bartolomeo... and with the infamous Utrecht crew.