Thursday 9 October 2014

1D Solar Atmosphere Models in IDL: Maltby et al (MACKKL)

Here I add files containing the one-dimensional models of the solar atmosphere from the famous paper of Maltby et al (1986, 1986ApJ...306..284M). There is a quiet sun model and three models of the sunspot atmosphere (L, M, E corresponding to the late, mid and early cycle of the solar activity). For the details of these models please check the paper.

The data in the files comes directly from Tables 7, 8, 9 and 11 of Maltby et al. The variables stored in the original models are:
  • geometrical height scale, 
  • column mass scale, 
  • optical depth at 5000 A, 
  • temperature, 
  • turbulent velocity, 
  • number density of hydrogen, 
  • electron density, 
  • total pressure, 
  • ratio of gas pressure to total pressure, 
  • density.

Fig. The temperature stratification of the three sunspot models (remake of Fig.8 of Maltby et al)