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This is the list of the IDL routines that I published in these pages. They are listed by categories.  Please read the license statement below.

The references relevant for each of the routines (references to the papers describing the algorithms and or the data) are included in their headers. Please acknowledge them appropriately if using any of these in a publication.

Many of these routines were written in the course of my daily work. Often I didn't have time to fully test them,  thus it may be that some of them are not applicable to certain classes of problems or that they contain bugs, mistakes, typos, errors, etc. So, please, use them with caution. I would be grateful if you let me know about any problems that you find (and - of course - about the positive experiences as well).

Atomic physics - wrapper for molecular data (PF, equilibrium constant, energy) for diatomics. - data for H2 and CO after Bohn and Wolf (1984). - data for H2 and CO after Irwin (1981). - data for 294 diatomics after Sauval and Tatum (1984). - chemical equilibrium constants for 95 diatomics after Tsuji (1973). - equilibrium constant and energy for H2 and H2+ after Vardya (1961, 1965). - returns names and symbols of elements. - returns the NIST atomic weights. - returns the NIST ionization energies. - returns the standard solar abundances. - wrapper for atomic partition functions. - partition functions after Cowley, see 2001A&A...374..265W. - partition functions tabulated in Appendix of Gray (2005) - partition functions after Irwin (1987) - atomic partition functions after Sauval and Tatum (1984). -

Radiative transfer - solves RTE for simple forms of source function and plots the results.

Numerics - computes directional angles of Carlson's quadrature set A. - computes directional angles of Carlson's quadrature set A. - computes the coefficients of the natural cubic splines. - computes the coefficients of the periodic cubic splines. - evaluates the interpolation function for the periodic cubic splines. - evaluates coefficients of Legendre polynomial for a given order. - wrapper for the Legendre routines. - returns the weights of the zeros of a Legendre polynomial. - computes zeros of a Legendre polynomial specified by its coefficients. - solves a threediagonal system of n periodic linear equations. - solves a threediagonal system of n linear equations.

IDL routines by Nikola Vitas are licensed under a Creative Commons; Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. 

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